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Cindy. from Eden

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My first yr after my weight loss surgery

I have struggled with my weight for approx. 25 yrs. after having my last child. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to have a gastric sleeve. I have had no complications what so ever! It's amazing to me that before my surgery I took 8 prescription drugs and now I take 1 pill for acid reflux and the rest are vitamins from Vitaleph as well as a shake a day. Love, love Vitaleph! I am 82 lbs lighter on my knees, hips and joints! All of my aches and pains as well as my depression has totally diminished! This is worth every cent I paid. I would do it all over again. To me, it's not about how much weight I lose or how much younger I can look, but about how healthy and happy I feel about myself!

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