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Use the sliders to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI), and whether or not you should contact OCC to schedule a weight loss surgery consultation.

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Ora Herrera

Patient Coordinator

“I feel truly blessed in being a part of such a wonderful team, as OCC, and in helping patients achieve a healthier, longer, and happier way of life.” – Ora Herrera



Ora Herrera has had the pleasure to work with world-renowned doctors in the field of esthetic medicine (dermatology/plastics) and recently on the bariatric scope of medicine as a Patient Care Coordinator for over ten years. Ora finds great pleasure in assisting and aiding patients with the challenging task of educating them and helping them make an informed decision when choosing a medical procedure.

Currently, as a Patient Care Coordinator for Obesity Control Center and The Ariel Center, Ora has the opportunity to guide patients in making an informed decision when choosing one of the surgery weight loss options the center and Dr. Ariel Ortiz has to offer. She also finds great pleasure in helping patients that have been through a large amount of weight loss, feel at ease and comforted when confronted with the daunting task of finding the best surgical cosmetic option that fits their needs.

Ora, as well as our other Patient Care Coordinators, act as a liaison between the patients contacting Obesity Control Center and the various departments. This helps make the patients experience with us a smooth and pleasant one when scheduling their surgery.

Ora’s experience in patient care is varied, as her last position as a Medical Aesthetic/Patient Liaison Provider with Dr. Zein Obagi’s, Obagi Skin Health Institute in Beverly Hills, CA., involved working closely with patients to help develop and maintain long term relationships with the clinic through patient education and care. She also had the privilege to assist in several large scale educational seminars with Dr. Obagi and worked closely with the Marketing Director on the clinic’s social media. Ora also enjoyed providing patients with skincare services as a licensed State of California Medical Esthetician.

She has also had the pleasure to work as a Patient Care Coordinator and assistant to now retired, Dr. Leonard Glass in San Diego, CA. Dr. Glass worked in the field of Cosmetic Surgery for over 40 years and was a Surgical Professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine. This position gave Ora her first taste in medicine, where she was able to see, first hand, the very useful support a Patient Care Coordinator can provide patients.

She truly hopes to continue in the field of medicine, as a supportive staff member for years to come, as she finds it to be an extremely invigorating and rewarding job.

A Note From Ora:

My struggles with weight started as an adult. I, like many women, experienced weight gain with hormonal changes. I realized I needed to take command of the situation when I reached my highest weight, which was around 186 pounds.  I had not realized how much weight I had gained as I did not regularly weigh myself, but quickly came to the realization that I needed to take hold of my weight gain to avoid potential health issues in the future.

Before working with Obesity Control Center I had tried many diets that always failed and left me feeling frustrated. At the time, the procedure that was offered to me based on my weight loss needs was the gastric balloon along with nutritional counseling.

With this tool I was able to change my eating habits and sustain the change with help of OCC and the amazing, and constant nutritional information provided. When patients ask me if I would refer a family member, I answer with emphatic YES! And this not only due to the benefit I achieved, but because OCC and staff are absolutely top notch. This was my personal experience as a patient.

I loved the experience as a patient at OCC, and thoroughly enjoy being able to help patients achieve their weight loss goals. Being a patient coordinator with obesity control center for almost 7 years has enriched my life by allowing me to witness, first hand, the amazing life changing experiences of many patients, such as, running their first marathons, being able to get pregnant for the first time in their lives after struggling for years, and saying goodbye to life long illnesses brought on by excess weight.

Ora’s Testimony:

“Whether you are struggling to lose 20 pounds or 120 pounds, it is still a STRUGGLE! Obesity Control Center truly was a blessing for me. They offer several options for weight management, and for me, the best option was the Obalon gastric balloon program.

This process involved the placement of a 3-month gastric balloon that limited the amount of food I was able to eat, HOWEVER, the real MVP was the Vitaleph Nutritional system that OCC places all of their patients under. It is a program that was designed and supervised with the help of OCC’s nutritionist. At the time of being placed on the program, I needed to lose approximately 30 pounds to be at a healthy BMI, and this system was the ONLY thing that worked for me!

I continue to use and benefit tremendously from the Vitaleph protein supplements, and don’t think I will ever stop using them! They provide the right amount of protein, without the fillers and chemicals other products on the market have, and it truly shows! You are satisfied and not hungry or craving junk food, and has assisted me in my weight management!”


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  • 50 Years combined experience

  • Proven/published safety track record

  • Trademark innovations & techniques

  • Safest Most effective procedures

  • No brokers / middlemen


  • New to the industry

  • Hearsay

  • Conventional

  • Unverified claims

  • Brokers fee up to 30%, low budget surgical team

Medical Tourism

It is completely safe to travel to Mexico and have surgery with us at OCC. Over 100 people from the USA come to Mexico every single month to have surgery with Dr. Ortiz or Dr. Martinez and achieve optimal results. We even take care of patients by shuttling them between the hotel and hospital, as well as across the border.

We have passed the most rigorous accreditations and now display a List of Awards and Designations of Quality bestowed upon the Hospital and the Surgeons. In order for the Obesity Control Center to be awarded the various distinctions and designations by third party quality accreditation organizations, we had to go through rigorous year-long reviews that examined every aspect of our practice, including the staff, surgeons, and facilities. We are one of only a few international hospitals to be awarded these designations. We are fully accredited as a Center of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery and our Surgeons have been designated Surgeons of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, and have also obtained the Golden Seal awarded by the Joint Commission International that signifies that we have met the highest standards in patient safety and quality available in healthcare.

If you have any questions or concerns about traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery, please contact The Obesity Control Center. A member of our team would be happy to speak to you about what you can expect during your weight-loss surgery process.

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Obesity Control Center

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An innovative, and industry-leading metabolic weight loss center of excellence that helps people from around the world achieve their weight loss goals using lifestyle changes and the most modern and safe techniques in bariatric surgery.

  1. Highest Safety Standards

    Fully Accredited and follow the highest US medical safety standards. Lowest complication and infection rate with a 20+ year track record of successful surgeries.

  2. Cutting-Edge Innovation & Experience

    Pioneered multiple techniques used around the world, such as an improved gastric sleeve. Co-developed the gastric balloon & double buttress procedures. Performed over 23,000 successful procedures.

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