Weight Loss Surgery Reviews


“I felt safe, cared for and confident in the OCC”

From the moment I booked to the moment I left the center I felt safe, cared for and confident in the OCC. Dr. Ortiz and all the staff were amazing and so accommodating! The hotel staff were so attentive and the tour was the perfect distraction. I researched for so long and the OCC was the place for me. My only regret is not doing this 10 years ago! Thank you for helping me be a better me! – Amy Gervais

“I can’t thank them enough and I would recommend them to anyone”

I absolutely would recommend OCC to anyone who is interested in weightless surgery. From the minute I reached out with questions they have been nothing but helpful. They walked me through the pre op diet, and then when it came time to go to Mexico for the surgery it was the best experience. The center is extremely clean, the entire staff keep you smiling from the minute you come through the door, and the doctors are amazing. My brother and I got the surgery done on the same day 8 months ago and I am down 120 from my highest weight and he is down 200. I can’t thank them enough and I would recommend them to anyone. – Taylor Shipley

“They are all here every step of the way!”

I am so thankful to OCC for changing my life. They are professional, loving, kind, knowledgeable, and supportive. The facility is very clean. I am so grateful to have had the sleeve procedure here just 2 weeks ago. Lucia has been a wealth of information since day 1. I have never been a part of such a program that thinks of every step with clear guidelines. They are all here every step of the way! Thank you Dr. O! Thank you Dr. Martinez! Thank you Gloria! And many more. I have only just begun this journey and can’t wait to see how it transpires! – Michelle Olsen Martin

“It was the very best thing I ever did.”

It was the Very Best thing I ever did. Staff was amazing. The Personal 1 on 1 attention was outstanding. I had a panic attack in the middle of the night An the Doctor that was on duty who stayed all night with us. Actually stayed with me An helped calm me held my hand. An just confirmed I was ok. You Never get that quality of service or cleanliness in a Canadian Hospital. I’d recommend this Hospital an Caring Staff. An I have recommended them numerous times. Thank you All @ OCC – Gina Sutherland

“All protocols for cleanliness and physical monitoring post surgery would be in place!”

Being a professional in Healthcare and discovering this hospital is The Joint Commission Internationally Accredited gave me the peace of mind that my surgery would be the safest it could be and all protocols for cleanliness and physical monitoring post surgery would be in place! – Sherry Linda Hill

“Tijuana? Are you kidding me?” No, I’m not.

“Tijuana? Are you kidding me?” No, I’m not. When I tell people my whole story of the amazing medical care I received at OCC, along with the quality of everything — from the hotel room to the hospital and after care — they can’t believe it. OCC is not only staffed by some of the finest doctors I’ve ever met, but by some of the nicest and most compassionate as well. When I hear horror stories about friends who have had bariatric surgery in the states, who were given no post-op care, I’m so glad I went to OCC. – Bridget LeRoy

“I never worried about a thing, was treated like a Queen!”

What a fantastic experience from pick up the airport, surgery and trip back to airport. I never worried about a thing, was treated like a Queen! – Tami Hall

“The weight is melting off!”

OCC was a wonderful experience. I’m so glad I chose to do my surgery with Dr Ortiz and he surgery team. I’ve had no problems since my surgery and the weight is melting off! Thank you Dr. Ortiz ! – Michelle Bemis Remington

“I’d trust him with my life.”

The most amazing place ever!!! So clean you can eat off the floor. Staff is friendly and helpful. The doctors are great! There are no words to explain Dr. Ortiz. He’s the best! I trust him more than any other bariatric doctor, actually I’d trust him with my life. A great experience. – Shawnee Birdsong Slaughter

“Best place for adolescent surgery!!!”

My daughter & myself had gastric plication on July 23, 2015 by Dr Ortiz and his amazing team of professionals. This was the best decision We’ve made by going to OCC in Mexico for our surgery. I have recommended Occ to several people. It has helped my daughter in so many ways. Best place for adolescent surgery!!! – Leanna Gunn Minchew


“Trust the process, it works.”

I’m now 3 months out and earning all about my new body/stomach. Pleased that I made this change for myself! Down over 50 pounds and almost 3 sizes smaller already. Trust the process, it works. – Amber U.

“Dr. Ortiz and his team are amazing!”

I did the sleeve surgery on November 1, 2019 and I’m so very glad I did. Dr. Ortiz and his team are amazing! Everyone is kind and works with you, the surgery was easy. I never really ‘hurt’. I had gas pains after the surgery, but that’s absolutely normal. No acid reflux, no other issues. It’s been a little over 6 weeks and I couldn’t be happier. Down 35 lbs and I feel so much better, more confident in myself. If you’re considering using Dr. Ortiz, Just do it already. You will not regret it. – Jen T.

“The only regret I have is I didn’t do it years ago!”

I had the sleeve 4-1/2 years ago at OCC! I have zero regrets. After a lifetime of losing 50 to 80 lbs and gaining back the weight plus more each time, I was ready to lose the weight and keep it off. I researched the sleeve procedure and stumbled upon OCC in Tijuana. After researching the facility, and both Drs I settled on Dr Ortiz and Dr Medina. All of their accreditations and awards are verifiable and their facility and care is much better than what I have had in the States, plus no pain! That was my biggest surprise! They also have a FB group that you can join because they are confident in what they do. Story after story…..life changing. It is not a magic pill that never makes you want to eat again (except for the first 6 months) but it is a great tool that has allowed me to keep the weight off, regain my life and keep myself healthy. I guess I lied…the only regret I have is I didn’t do it years ago!! – RunningCrazy G

“I had zero complications and my recovery was quick!”

I cannot say enough how amazing Dr. Ortiz and OCC staff are!! I was sleeved 4/3/2017 and have been living my BEST life since!! I had zero complications and my recovery was quick! The OCC was clean and the staff members were very professional. I know many family members and friends who were sleeved elsewhere and my results are by far more successful & healthier than theirs were. I went alone to have my surgery because I was 100% confident in my safety and care with Dr. Ariel Ortiz and OCC. I continue to receive follow up emails inquiring about my well being. I love my results and wish I had done it years ago. I chose Dr. Ortiz and OCC over any other location including the United States. Highly recommend them!! – Gianna M.

“I’m so excited for the future. Thank you OCC.”

If, like me, you have struggled with your weight and often wondered how great it would be to have a tool, that works, please read on. I contacted OCC several months ago. I was totally on the fence about having this procedure, but not for long. I spoke with passionate professionals who spent more time than I expected, giving me information, details and genuine encouragement. Last week I traveled to OCC. A STATE OF THE ART FACILITY…I was in awh. I’m 5 days post op and feeling great. No complications at all. I’m so excited for the future. Thank you OCC. Thank you doctors, nurses, staff and all the amazing people I met there. – Anna Comerford

“The procedure is timed to the minute, things run like clockwork.”

At 320 pounds, I was desperate and needed help. I research places to go and have the sleeve done, I researched the doctors very carefully and found some bad reviews, except for 1 doctor. I searched for weeks trying to find some review on Dr. Ortiz and OCC that would give me pause. I couldn’t find a thing. So when it came down to it, I went to OCC. it was disconcerting communicating via email and text, but I persevered. When the time came, I was not the least bit anxious and went with the flow. I felt I knew Lucia personally for all the times she answered my questions and bolstered me up! She is the live blood of OCC and a resource that I used CONSTANTLY (sorry Lucia!!). The procedure is timed to the minute, things run like clockwork and the expertise of the surgeons? THE BEST. The absolute best. If you are searching for a place I would not hesitate one bit to wholeheartedly to say———GO TO OCC! It’s a new life out there just waiting for you. – Gail H.

“The doctors really know what they are doing”

I had gastric sleeve surgery at OCC on 09/29/2016. My experience at OCC was wonderful. I stayed at the beautiful Marriott, where the staff looked after my every need. While at OCC, the doctors and nursing staff were attentive, the surgery center was clean and simple, and the doctors really know what they are doing. I had no complications and feel great! I’ve lost over 20 pounds in the month since surgery and the staff continue to be there for me. I would recommend OCC and Dr.’s Ortiz-Legardere and Martinez to anyone in need of help losing weight and regaining their health. – Katrina W.

“Staff and doctors are only an email or phone call away!”

This place is amazing. The doctors and nurses go far beyond in caring for you! I give Dr Ariel Ortiz and OCC 5 stars. I am so happy with my sleeve! Great communication! Staff and doctors are only an email or phone call away! They are always available for any questions or needs. The USA needs to take note of the great care and compassion that is OCC. Sleeved June 5th 2017. From Perris California! I love TJ. – Jami M.

“I can’t say enough good things about Obesity Control Center”

I can’t say enough good things about Obesity control center, Dr. Ortiz and his staff. The staff are very thorough and there was no guesswork from travel down to the procedure. Dr. Ortiz and the other surgeon are highly skilled and make you feel very comfortable and well taken care off. During recovery we had excellent care from the staff on duty and follow up care was on point. In addition, after returning to the states, We have had constant contact with The center and their staff as they continue to monitor us and our well-being. I would highly recommend the center to anyone interested in traveling to Mexico for this procedure. It truly is a safe alternative. – Shannon D.

“I simply can’t say enough about how happy I am”

I just had gastric sleeve surgery with OCC last week and from start to end the experience was phenomenal! The staff is caring and treated me with dignity. They have been very responsive to any questions or requests I’ve had since the surgery. I simply can’t say enough about how happy I am with my decision to use OCC for my gastric sleeve surgery. I would recommend them to anyone. – Joe R.


“My health has improved so much after the surgery.”

My health has improved so much after the surgery. I feel amazing not only physically but internally too. A lot of the health issues I had went away after taking care of this part of my health. I had a great experience going through all this process. From the smallest details like the room commodities to the whole process, the doctor, the nurses were incredible. The best decision I had made. – Lupina Gomez

“I am so grateful for Dr.Ortiz for shaping my new life.”

Facility is 5 Star along with Staff. They set you up with the hotel, support systems before & after your surgery, nutritional information, transportation to and from the airports. I am so grateful for Dr.Ortiz for Shaping my new life. – Chris Nicoletti

“I feel like a new woman.”

It has been five months since my surgery, and I feel wonderful. I have lost 70 pounds. On November 15th, I had my gall bladder removed. Prior to my surgery I could only walk about 500 steps a day. Now, I walk an average of 8,000 steps and working on getting to 10,000 steps. Since my surgery I’ve had two nieces come down for the sleeve surgery. The staff has been fantastic supporting my journey. I feel like a new woman. – Mary Seimears

“I wanna say thank you for giving me back my life”

I had an absolutely wonderful experience with OCC. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone. The entire Staff was kind ,knowable and professional. I’m down 100 lbs now and feeling much better but I have 60-70 more to go. I’m very happy w Lucia and her diet plan. I would do it all over again. I wanna say thank you for giving me back my life and I’m well on my way to a healthier life. Y’all are a bunch of angels. The cost n financial part was amazing compared to the home town I’m from and again thank you Dr.Ortiz for making this possible. – Brian Powell

“Almost 2 years out and down 119 pounds!”

My surgery was 2/9/18. I had been researching them for about 9 months. I called and scheduled and had surgery 3 1/2 weeks later. It was the best decision I have ever made for myself. The OCC staff, hotel staff and everyone in between were so kind and treated me like a queen. Dr Ortiz and Dr. Martinez were amazing and took great care of me. I wished i would’ve done it sooner. Almost 2 years out and down 119 pounds!!!! – Alisia Goff

“Fantastic sleeve experience.”

Fantastic sleeve experience. Better than any of my US hospital experiences. There was a doctor on staff 24h a day! Who has ever heard of such a thing here in the states. Preparation for surgery and follow up have been great. My husband and two friends are also going to OCC in 2020. I wish I had done this 10 years ago. – Stacy Hamlin

“My life has improved in countless ways.”

I found Dr. Ortiz and his complete staff to be some of the best medical professionals I have had the opportunity to work with. They are knowledgeable, kind and very involved in your health, your weight goals and how to handle every need to protect your body and meet your physical needs. The constant communication is not something we regularly experience today and OCC is right on top of your every concern and need immediately. I wish we could see this attentiveness in our American medical doctors. Two of my daughters and two granddaughters have now had this rewarding OCC experience and since I have lost 65 pounds at the age of 74 my life has improved in countless ways. – Floyd Rigby

“Dr. Ortiz & his staff have truly created a world-class center!”

From the minute I registered as an OCC patient to the day I came home, the staff at OCC have been extremely supportive, reassuring & professional. I followed their pre op & post op directions exactly as outlined and I have had nothing but success. I am over two months post surgery and the OCC staff is STILL providing advice & support. Dr. Ortiz & his staff have truly created a world-class center! – Elizabeth Nichols

“I love that the Dr. Ortiz you see on the videos is the same in person.”

I had a great experience at OCC. I was able to make an informed decision due to all of the youtube videos and the staff answering my questions. I love that the Dr. Ortiz you see on the videos is the same in person. He does not put on a show. He is real. Recovery for me has been fairly easy. My only regret is that I didn’t get a picture of myself and Dr. Ortiz. – Karen Mondelewski

“Dr. Ortiz ROCKS! Super solid and clutch!”

I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Ortiz and his friendly entourage. From the moment they pick you up at the airport, to the moment they drop you back off, they smother you with attention and kindness. They are constantly following up with me, giving me suggestions and immediately replying to any concern I may have. I read that someone wasn’t aware of the need of bringing protein shakes. I was advised of it, but I was on chicken broth from the hotel (yummy). If you forget to bring some with you, there is a Walmart (YES a Walmart) at a very short walking distance. They have EVERYTHING there, including every possible flavor of pedialyte, and it’s good to walk to get your organs back in shape! Dr. Ortiz ROCKS! Super solid and clutch! – Paola E.J.


“I had nothing to worry about.”

When my health care here in the US denied my revision surgery (I had a lap band in 2007 and never really worked well), I started researching private facilities that specialize in Bariatric Surgery. OCC reviews were fantastic, but naturally I was a little scared about going to Mexico. I had nothing to worry about. From start to finish to continued follow up two months post op, Dr. Ortiz and the staff at OCC are top notch and this will be the best decision I have made for my health. They make the process so easy from airport pick up and complete transportation, Hotel etc. I ended up going alone and was in great hands both with the clinic and hotel and even a little sightseeing. I have already lost 25 pounds since March 5, 2020. The after care program keeps me on track and I feel totally supported. I can not recommend OCC enough! – sactotrixie

“I lost 80lbs and my only regret was I didn’t do it sooner.”

I lost 80lbs and my only regret was I didn’t do it sooner. They treat you really well and even give you what you need to eat/drink to put in your hotel fridge so you always have on hand what the Dr wants you to be consuming. Almost everyone spoke English. No regrets. – CindeeZ

“The level of care & follow up are BEYOND the care you’d receive in the U.S.!”

Where do I start?! The level of care & follow up are BEYOND the care you’d receive in the U.S.! The facility is immaculate. The doctors and nurses are kind and sincerely care about your well being. They have the process down to a science. Any & every question is probably already answered in a video or online resource. But if you have a question, they’re super kind & helpful. The amount of resources available at your fingertips is amazing. Dr. Ortiz is THE BEST bariatric surgeon around. The recovery was speedy and I was back to work in just a few days. I highly recommend OCC & Dr. Ortiz! – carolina_c27

“This is a man who is passionate about his work.”

In 2015 my primary care physician suggested I consider weight loss surgery. I was sort of devastated (and obviously in denial as I weighed in at 206 pounds), but he had just diagnosed me with diabetes and I could no longer avoid the fact that my weight was killing me. I researched my options and decided on OCC and Dr. Ortiz. It was the best decision of my life. I’m almost 5 years out and have not regretted it a single day since. I lost over 70 pounds and feel like I got my life back. The experience was great and having it done in Mexico was a non-issue.

The clinic is beautiful and the staff is extraordinarily helpful at every step of the journey. Dr. Ortiz has the unique ability to be exceptionally professional and at the same time extremely engaging and personable. This is a man who is passionate about his work. Two months after I had my surgery (at age 55), I took my 70-year-old mom to OCC to have her sleeve done. They treated her like a queen. I wish I could get the kind of care I received at OCC here in the USA! I can’t recommend Dr. Ortiz highly enough. – DeedsRealSelf

“I would recommend this man and his clinic to everyone.”

This was the best decision of my life, I wish I had done it 20+ years ago. From a recommendation from a co-worker who had the procedure herself, I contacted occ immediately and booked for the next available surgery date. My husband accompanied me on the journey and we had a wonderful experience, from the patience of the van driver while we waited for our lost luggage, to the speedy border crossing, to the lovely staff at the Marriott, to the actual clinic and the staff, to the amazing dr. Ortiz. He was so friendly and full of information and confidence. The surgery was quick, the overnight at the clinic was restful and the time in Tijuana was relaxing and lovely. I would recommend this man and his clinic to everyone. – Mowgli’s Mom

“You’re in good hands if you choose Dr. Ortiz as your bariatric surgeon.”

World class bariatric surgeon and a nice guy! You’re in good hands if you choose Dr. Ortiz as your bariatric surgeon. Dr. Ortiz and his partner Dr. Martinez operate the Obesity Control Center for Bariatric surgery and Ariel Center, for cosmetic surgery located in Tijuana Mexico. The OCC has more accolades and certifications than I can list. I personally don’t know of any other bariatric center that has higher standards than the OCC. As far as I’m concerned, the OCC is number 1 in the world. – RAGBRIDAVE

“I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!”

I had the best care at the OCC. The entire team from the very beginning were professional and I didn’t feel like I was in a foreign country having surgery. I’ll be there tomorrow to start the plastic surgery portion of this journey. From the beginning with the emails with the coordinator, to answering my questions promptly, to Skyping with Dr Martinez, to my arrival at the hotel and the actual surgical center I felt well taken care of. The whole process is pretty well organized as the hotel works with the Center to coordinate your care. Paperwork awaited me at checkin and I received calls at my hotel room with times for me to be ready or changes in my appointment times. I was definitely pleased as this was something I did not expect. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! – back2barb78

“They arranged everything, and I felt extremely comfortable the entire time.”

Dr. Ariel Ortiz and his entire staff are amazing! They arranged everything, and I felt extremely comfortable the entire time. Their medical offices are clean, beautiful, and modern. The hotel accommodations were excellent as well, and even a year later, the communication is superb. They answered numerous questions before and after, and I can genuinely recommend for your surgical needs. – nerdy_girl

“I was super nervous but the second he walked into my room all my worry went away.”

Amazing doctor! I was super nervous but the second he walked into my room all my worry went away. I was video chatting with my husband before surgery, Dr. Ortiz took my phone and talked with my husband, made my husband feel really good about my decision. Incisions look great and no complications. – kyamooo

“I have NEVER in my whole adult life been at this size and I love it!!”

I started by journey in October 2013, after many, many years of weight loss and larger weight gains it was time to take care of myself. I chose Dr. Ortiz in Tijuana after a friends experience, plus my insurance would not cover my surgery. My husband was in full support of my decision. I took a friend with me to MX. I weighed 290 lbs., and am 5′ 5″ tall. My weight came off really well and I had few plateaus. My total weight loss was 145 lbs. I now weigh on 144 lbs. – 145 lbs. I have maintained that for 6 months. I would recommend this surgery to anyone contemplating it. I eat mainly proteins, I eat very few carbs, I try to have a little salad every night for supper with lots of protein. I do eat yogurt every day for breakfast and lunch with a few walnuts and chocolate chips. I try to at least drink 60 – 64 oz. of liquid/day. I drink quite a bit of 50 calorie orange juice for liquids. I have never regretted my decision, feeling the way I do and not having everything ache everyday is a huge plus for me. Also going in and buying size 6’s or 8’s is one of the best feelings. I have NEVER in my whole adult life been at this size and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No regrets at all. Hope this helps someone. Good luck to everyone deciding on this surgery. – bwhearty