Miracles and Empowering Lifestyle Coach in Mexico

Have you ever experienced those exquisite moments in time where everything is absolutely, crystal-clear perfect? When you KNOW that you are on the right path, that there is nowhere to get, and nothing to gather … that everything in your life is whole, complete and perfect?

If you could only capture those rare moments in a bottle!

What makes these moments so special is that this is not our “every day” experience of life, or our experience of “being” alive.

For the most part, humanity simply exists. We survive. Our lives are full of our plans, strategies, activities and efforts to just keep our head above water, much less reach for the stars.

For bariatric weight-loss heroes, we know that each and every day is a miracle. We know that WE are the miracles.

But we all still swim in a sea of humanity that does NOT see itself as a hero. Instead, there are communities of people — work, family, community organization, the news, and social media … that is complacent, cynical, resigned, and “normal.”

Complacency is where you think something MIGHT be possible, but “Why bother? Too much effort for too little results.” On the other hand, if you go for it, I’ll help. But don’t ask me to stick MY neck out on the life, no sir-ee!”

Cynicism is one step lower on the scale of possibility. “It might be possible for someone else … but not for me.” “I’ve tried that before … let me tell you why it didn’t work then, and why it won’t work now…”

Resignation is the 3d step down. The glimmer of what’s possible is actually like a tiny star from Jupiter or Mars …light years away. “Been there, done that, didn’t just wear the T-Shirt, I designed it!” No how, no way. You’re NOT talking me into THAT. I was a fool once, but never again. Go away. Leave me alone.

And, sadly, “Normal” is the lowest level of living a created life that exists. There is such a void of anything possible, that everyone in that community operates consistent with being numb. “The earth is flat, not round.” Their agreement becomes the new “norm.” There is no questioning of the status quo, and there is no opportunity to think new thoughts.

When we allow ourselves to be immersed in a network of complacency, cynicism, resignation or “normal”, we’ll get sucked under faster than a tsunami wave. Only by navigating these communities like a boat of people white-water rafting the rapids, can we steer clear of the pitfall of negativity.

It is critical that we have other voices to listen to, other opinions to consider, and others that are questioning “Why not?” rather than, “Why should I?”

If we are to continue to empower our inner Self, we MUST participate in a new network of people that are up to the same things that we are; that are also navigating their own white water rapids. Only then can we cheer them on and encourage them to win at their game.

In the end, it is all about who allow yourself to be. It is all about who you create yourself to be for others.

One of the biggest moments in your personal transformation will come when you get that your participation is about contributing to others … NOT, participating so that others can contribute to you.

Join us. Let your voice be heard. Others need you.

Whether it’s the OCC Forum, a Facebook Community, a family or work community, or a support group that you participate in, the world is waiting for YOUR voice, YOUR power, and YOUR contribution.

Come make a difference for all of us.

Thank you for being that big. Thank you for being YOU.