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Surgery let me get back to living

Val McNeill

Cedar Park, TX

I had a lap band placed by a local doctor, and after several months started having problems. The band eventually slipped, and had to be removed. I asked my doctor about performing a revision to the sleeve at the same time as the removal, and he refused. My insurance would have covered the surgery as a revision, but would not cover it as a second, separate surgery. So I contacted OCC in search of options. OCC made it easy to schedule a surgery, and the payment options allowed us to self-pay for the surgery.

I gained weight over the years as a result of multiple pregnancies and a sedentary lifestyle, coupled with thyroid issues. My thyroid was finally removed (cancer), and my weight stabilized, but I could not seem to get my weight below 200 pounds. I was suffering from hypertension, sleep apnea, aching joints, and just generally not enjoying life.
Since having my gastric sleeve, I have been able to lose the weight and keep it off, and am now able to enjoy a much more active lifestyle, which enables me to keep up with my very busy grandchildren!