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BMI Calculator

Use the sliders to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI), and whether or not you should contact OCC to schedule a weight loss surgery consultation.

BMI Categories

Underweight < 18.5
Normal weight 18.5 - 24.9
Overweight 25 - 29.9
Obesity BMI of 30 or greater

Your Weight: 184 pounds


Your Height: 5' 4"

Your BMI: 32
Surgery Recommended
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Life changing experience

Michelle Vazquez

Glen Cove, NY

My surgery date was on September 17, 2018. I weighed in at 217 lbs and 5’1. My highest weight was 230 lbs. I am currently at my goal weight between 150 -155 lbs. I had the most amazing experience at OCC and so did my companion. They treated us with the upmost respect. They made a confusing, scary, and life changing process so easy and painless. I would do it 100x over again. Here are some pictures of my journey. Thank you Dr.Ariel Ortiz and Thank you OCC