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Utilice los controles deslizantes para determinar su índice de masa corporal (IMC) y si debe comunicarse o no con la OCC para programar una consulta de cirugía de pérdida de peso.

Categorías de IMC

Bajo peso < 18.5
Peso normal 18,5 - 24,9
Exceso de peso 25 - 29,9
Obesidad IMC de 30 o más

Tu peso: 184 pounds


Tu altura: 5' 4"

Tu BMI: 32
Surgery Recommended
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No me había dado cuenta de cuánta energía no tenía hasta que me operaron

Lily Pruitt West

Baytown, TX

Después de la cirugía, trabajé muy duro y pude alcanzar mi peso actual cuando me casé. Se sintió increíble estar con un vestido que compré y sentirme hermosa el día de mi boda valió la pena al 100% para operarme.

I struggled with my weight since I was in elementary school and it really escalated when I got to college, where I had access to fast food 24/7. I had previously dieted and exercised 5-6 times a week for a couple of hours to lose a significant amount of weight, but any time a bump in the road of life happened, I immediately started gaining weight again. I knew that while I didn’t have any health problems at the time, it would be a matter of time before I started to have the common health problems that come with being overweight most of your childhood and adult years.

I found the OCC after doing research about options for weight loss surgery in Tijuana. I had a friend who looked fantastic and had recently had surgery at another surgery center, but I didn’t feel comfortable having surgery at a place that looked like a strip center. I chose the gastric sleeve surgery at the OCC after doing my research about which facilities had accreditations similar to hospitals here in the States.

So much has changed after my surgery a year and a half ago. I used to be ruled by food and while I still have a relationship with food, it is finally a healthy one where food has become fuel for a busy life. This surgery has opened my eyes to foods that I never would have found enjoyment in. I have been able to experience things while traveling that I never would have been able to at my highest weight. I’ve been able to travel and keep up with ziplining, hiking, snorkeling, and still have energy at the end of the day. I hadn’t realized how much energy I didn’t have until I had the surgery.

I have lost 95 lb after surgery. I worked very hard and was able to get to my current weight by the time I got married. It felt amazing to be in a dress I bought off the rack, and feeling beautiful on my wedding day was 100% worth having surgery.