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Calculadora de IMC

Utilice los controles deslizantes para determinar su índice de masa corporal (IMC) y si debe comunicarse o no con la OCC para programar una consulta de cirugía de pérdida de peso.

Categorías de IMC

Bajo peso < 18.5
Peso normal 18,5 - 24,9
Exceso de peso 25 - 29,9
Obesidad IMC de 30 o más

Tu peso: 184 pounds


Tu altura: 5' 4"

Tu BMI: 32
Surgery Recommended
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OCC Helped me to take control again!

Josh Winklesky

Kennewick, WA

Months of research and reading reviews.

I had been battling my weight for over 13 years. I tried various things and would lose up to 50lbs but then it would stop working and I would slowly start gaining again. I contemplated getting surgery so many times but never did because it was a permanent solution. I’m so glad I took the leap! I went from wearing a 3XL shirt and 46 pants to a Medium shirt and 34 pants, soon to be 32. I’m the same weight I was going into college and now I have so much energy. Before one task would put me out for the day, now I have endless energy! Thank you so much OCC staff for the excellent care both before, during, and after my surgery. OCC Family for life!