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Use the sliders to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI), and whether or not you should contact OCC to schedule a weight loss surgery consultation.

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Brooke Turnbow

Brooke Turnbow

1 Year out of Surgery

Going to OCC was the best decision I’ve ever made for a tool that has added years and quality to my life.

In fourth grade, I remember being taken out of class one by one to be weighed by the school nurse. Later, at recess, as we compared, I realized I weighed more than my friends. I had been a healthy, average weight in early childhood, but from late elementary on, I continued to gain weight, then in adolescence, I’d diet to lose weight and would yo-yo. In college, I got to my lowest adult weight, but once I began a high-demand teaching career in a Title 1 school, my weight came back on. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, put on metformin, and urged to lose weight by my doctor. Year after year I would diet, lose some weight, then eventually gain more back. I tried multiple diets, fads, gyms, working out with a trainer, fasting–the same pattern: lose some weight, gain more back. I got to the point where I’d disavowed diet culture entirely because it only seemed to cause weight gain.

A decade into my teaching career, I found my spouse and eventually decided it was time to fulfill the big dream: to have a baby. Issues with infertility put me on yet another diet that I fought to succeed at, then Covid hit and I gained back all but 20 of the 50+ pounds I’d lost. As I heard about Covid impacting the obese and overweight in the news, I decided enough was enough. My knees hurt, my energy was lower than ever, and I was no longer healthy. I was not far from major medical issues that would rob me of my quality of life before ending my quantity of life early. The bariatric surgery option I’d toyed with for years, but kept saying “I can do this myself” began to seem like the only option that might work long term.

My insurance wouldn’t cover bariatric surgery, so I went looking and researching for another option–something I could actually afford out-of-pocket on a teacher’s salary. Prior to finding OCC, I thought medical travel to Mexico was a death wish. But I kept searching–I’m an English teacher, research and finding trustworthy sources is what I was born to do. OCC had the accreditations, the experience, and the track record that eased my mind. A vertical sleeve gastrectomy by a world-class surgeon within my budget? There was no question this was my solution. I reached out and within the week I was on an extended pre-operative diet with a goal weight I had to reach before surgery.

I look back at the past year and I’m amazed at how my dramatically my life has changed. I hike like I did back in college. I can do TikTok dances and cartwheels with my stepdaughters–I wear them out. I work out 5-6 times per week, still enjoy cooking (and eating) healthy foods, and, most importantly, I no longer feel exhausted, in pain, or like my health is a ticking time bomb. I feel younger and more vibrant at 40 than I did during all of my 30’s! Going to OCC was the best decision I’ve ever made for a tool that has added years and quality to my life.