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One trip from Alaska to Mexico got me my 20s my life back!


Wasilla, AK

I found their website.

I was 23, overweight, and desperate for an answer. I found Obesity Control Center online, called set up and appointment and applied for a medical credit card. A few weeks later I was flying from Alaska, my home state, to Mexico alone and a little paranoid I might wake up with no kidneys. When I got to Mexico I was picked up at the airport and taken to the center there. The facilities where clean and everyone was very nice. The surgery was super easy and I never even took a Tylenol after for pain. I was walking the same day. The hotel there was beautiful. When I got back home to Alaska I found a local doctor to fill my band every 3 months over the next few years. My surgery was in February of 2011 every fill I lost about 10-15 pounds by 2013 I was 145. Today I am still the same. One ticket and one line of credit that I paid off long ago brought me back to life! Thank you so much Obesity Control Center for getting me my confidence and self worth back! I would do it again in a second and have recommended it to others!