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Too Pretty To Be Fat

Themelina M.

Tarpon Springs, FL

As a 27 year-old who had always struggled with weight issues,Themelina grew tired of hearing phrases like, "You’re too pretty to be fat." After years of gimmick diets and weight loss failures, she was ready for change. That event was triggered by a long 12-hour flight to Greece.

I grew up in a blessed home with a great family. Still, often I would hear, “Themelina, you’re too pretty to be fat, you need to lose weight.” So, in turn, I would try all sorts of diets and gimmicks and nothing would work long term.

This up and down cycle of dieting would end up being a life-long battle.

I am a 27 year-old female who always had a weight problem since I was a young girl. It never really bothered me growing up…I was a happy kid who played sports and had a lot of friends.

One April, I went on a family vacation to Greece and that is when my life changed. It started out with the difficulty of sitting comfortably in the airplane seats. I really didnt fit in them and found it hard and uncomfortable for a 12-hour flight. Then I had some older gentleman who was sitting behind me make mean and crude comments about my weight. As usual, I ignored the comments and sat there hurt and depressed by his remarks.

Finally the flight was over and I arrived in Greece. I was excited and anxious to see family members after several years but all the excitement faded away when the family members started making their mean comments about my size and my weight. Every relative made it a point to express their opinion and point of view about dieting. They would say, “You need to stop eating and lose weight,” as if it were that easy. But the most hurtful remark was, “Please don’t sit on my good chair. Sit on the old one in case you break it.” That is when I realized how hurtful society can be and also that I really needed to do something about my weight and focus on my health.

Once I returned back from my vacation, I did some research about weight loss surgery. After gathering the information, I went forward with it and never looked back. When I called the Obesity Control Center to schedule my surgery, I weighed 315 lbs. Now 2 years later, I weigh 145 lbs and wear a size 4. Can we all say “WOW!”

I would never have thought in a million years I would weigh under 220 lbs and going from a size 26 to a size 4 is a major accomplishment if you ask me. All I have to say is: dreams do come true with the help of talented and gifted doctors! I achieved my goal weight in under 2 years and it is the best thing I ever did for myself. I am now a happier and healthier person who is full of energy with a positive attitude and outlook on life. No hurdle is too hard to jump…literally and figuratively.

My life changed dramatically. I can now fit in airplane seats comfortably and I can ride a roller coaster again after 10 years of just watching others enjoy them. It’s those little things and pleasures in life I couldn’t do that I can do now. My work environment has changed as well. I’m treated differently by people everywhere I go. I get better customr service shopping for clothes as opposed to the past when I was overweight.

I’ve also learned who are my true friends after acomplishing my life-long dream of being healthy. Now my only problem is that I have more men who want to be my friend…ironically many of the same men who did not talk to me when I was overweight. It’s actually kind of fun to see how I am treated by people these days.

Life has been really good after losing 165 lbs. If I had to do this all over again I would in a heartbeat. Not only will I live longer, but I get to enjoy a lot more of what life has to offer. I’m confident and I feel good about myself, not to mention a lot of health-related issues I had from being over weight are now gone. I can go out in public without feeling that people are looking at me differently. All the name-calling and pointing has stopped and I get smiles now from strangers.

My family and friends have supported me 100% throughout this life-changing experience and I can’t thank them enough for it. It feels good knowing I have inspired people to change their lives to become healthier. Good luck to anyone who decides to take this step and change their lives for the better and, of course, for the healthier. By the way I can’t wait to go back to Greece and show off the new me and make it a point to sit in that relative’s “GOOD CHAIR.”

Thank Dr. Ortiz, Dr. Martinez, Dr. Miranda and the entire staff at Obesity Control Center. Without your help, I would not be where I am today. Thank you for changing my life.