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Beyond the Chrysalis: The Butterfly Has Emerged!

Becki Fiscus

Atglen, PA

I found OCC through a google search while looking for weight loss options. My uncle is a Physicians Assistant in Riverside, CA and I asked him to research the qualifications of OCC. His response was a glowing report, and that gave me enough confidence to contact the concierge. 🙂

When I was born, my grandmother told my mother to watch my weight. She could tell that I resembled her German side of the family and may struggle. Turns out, she was correct. At the age of 6, I was 85lbs, for no clear reason. I ate the same foods and exercised just as much as the rest of my siblings, and yet I was clearly shaped differently. For years, I continued to gain weight uncontrollably without reason. The only thing the doctor could come up with was that I had a slow metabolism, and that it was in my genetics. During my middle school and high school years I struggled through gym class because of my size, but I still attempted to play sports. By the time I was a senior in high school, I was an unhealthy, miserable, overweight teen. My hopes were shattered. The only way I got a date to the prom was because I could talk my friend into going with me. A year later, I had the opportunity to go spend the summer working on a guest ranch in Wyoming, so I took it. Little did I know this would be the huge beginning of my story. At the end of the summer, I distinctly remember telling my boss I needed to go home because I needed to figure something out with my weight; I couldn’t continue like this. The next year I found Obesity Control Center through searching for weight loss options. I was so impressed with the option of the Gastric Lap Band. My parents discussed it with me and we decided it was time to do something drastic for my future. My surgery went great, as OCC surgeries always do, and I lost about 85lbs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get past 85lbs down. I was stuck. I ended up gaining all my weight back after having my band emptied, due to the band causing major issues in my stomach. I was even hospitalized due to dehydration. Now I was really at my whit’s end and was about to give up hope until I heard about the revision surgery, where Dr. Ortiz takes the Band out and does another surgery. I was so excited to hear about this option. So, in January of 2015, both my parents came with me to receive my Revision surgery, from the Band to the Sleeve. After surgery, Dr. Martinez told my parents that all went well and it is a good thing that the surgery was done when it was because there was a serious hernia in my diaphragm, most likely caused by my complications from the Band! I am almost 13 months out and am loving my Sleeve. It has definitely been the best thing that has happened to me yet! I am around 105 lbs down and feel great. Now the next part is just consistently living my healthy lifestyle in more ways than physically. Thank you so much to Dr. Ortiz, Dr. Martinez (who did my surgery) and all the staff at OCC. They honestly treated me like royalty! I got my life back and couldn’t be more excited! Be on the lookout for my up and coming book about my journey!!